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Before Your Appointment 

Thank you for choosing Center for Total Eye Care! When you book an appointment with us, you should receive an email notification with your scheduled date and time, as well as forms to complete in advance of your visit. We will also provide you with any special instructions needed to prepare for your appointment.

  • If you cannot complete the forms before your visit, please arrive 15 minutes early to complete paperwork in our offices.
  • If you are unable to keep your appointment date, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance.

Whether you are a new or returning patient, you may visit our forms page to view, print, and fill out the information we would need to collect from you. Having these forms filled out prior to arriving to your appointment may reduce your wait time.

Preparing for Your Appointment

Complete eye exams typically last approximately 60-90 minutes. Your time in our office may be longer depending on your specific needs and which in-house tests may be needed. Here is how to prepare:

  • Please Bring:
    • Completed Forms 
    • ID Card
    • Insurance Card(s) (Medical and Vision)
    • Referrals (Please check with your insurance company to see if this is required)
    • List of Medication and Eye Drops, Including Over-the-Counter Medications
  • Your eyes may be dilated. Since the effects of dilation can take several hours to wear off, it's best that you arrange for someone else to drive you after your appointment.
  • Contact Lenses: You may wear your contact lenses to the appointment, but please bring your glasses and sunglasses with you.